The tree abides

The Art of Discovery

In a relaxing and fun atmosphere we work with artists to discover exciting sound scapes and create amazing productions.

Join us and plug into the creative ether that binds us all.

One More For Fun More!

Rock out recording in a low stress room with rad producers guiding you to capture the perfect aesthetic matched with the highest quality performances.

We know how to rearrange ideas and to transform good music into awe inspiring finished art using incredible expressions with a tasty balance between consonant and dissonant sounds. 

Not a tree company.

 Need a tree removed?  We can't help you.  Need to make some awe inspiring music?  Need it polished to the highest standard of deeply immersive mixing combined with orgasmic sonic explosions?  Hmmm?  Gotcha covered! 

All are truly welcome to join our creative forest.  

The universe within is infinite and our hearts are wide open! 

Cheers to all of our future clients and collaborators!  

Branching out and fostering new musical beginnings is what defines

Houdini's Tree.

The Gear

Hardware and Software

For music production we are always trying out new toys out in the recording studio.  Pushing the boundaries of our equipment and experimenting with different sounds on a never ending quest for harmony and bliss.  It is all about the journey and the experience.  Contact Us for a list of available gear.

Record with Pro Tools HD/Ultimate

There are many different DAWs out there but there is only one Pro Tools. Explore your creativity and find your true artistic voice using state of the art and the absolute king of music production software. 

Branch Out

These days almost everyone has access to making decent sounding recordings in their bedrooms and they should!  Self producing is rewarding but can be really difficult. Houdini's Tree takes the burden off your shoulders and can help unlock your inner potential in an inspirational environment surrounded by good vibes and professional workflows.

How we may serve you!

Recording, Mixing, Editing, Producing for Bands & Artists



Full 8 hour session at our exciting new recording studio location at The Old Rainier Brewery.

Included Staff: David Green Owner/Producer/Engineer

Hire award winning Sound Producer/Composer: David Green (pseudo,MNT)


From Bleedingham to 48hour film competitions Dave has been making waveforms splash onto the big screen in a major way!

People pay for that?


No but companies looking to gain a creative edge may procure our talents, unique voices and artistry.

Available for your exotic creative needs to sound design and score your latest commercial film.  We shall endeavor to appeal to the masses.. for a competitive price. Includes a custom, fully mixed Musical Orchestration composition by our original in house Maestrobatur. 

New location Opening Soon!!!


That’s right!  In an effort to defeat the evil space lords we  are building a bitchin new recording studio at the Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle!  Subscribe and stay tuned for info about music production tips and our exclusive upcoming grand opening party to be held at the new location.



  • Can you remove an old tree from my yard?

No.  Houdini‘s Tree is an Audio and Video Production company.

  • I have an old maple that has been in my family for generations but it is time to say goodbye.  How much will it cost to remove it?

I think you have us confused with another company.

  • Where are you located?

We are at the Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle. 

 3100 Airport Way S.

Seattle, WA 98133

  • What are your business hours?

Mon-Thurs  6pm-12am, Friday and Saturday 10am-12am, Sunday 11am-10pm

  • What styles of music do you produce

We are totally down to produce all kinds of music!  Though in Seattle we typically work with Alternative Rock, Metal and R&B Neo Soul stuff.

  • For someone who has a bunch of acoustic songs, what does a day with you look like?  

Our day would begin with discussing our production options and synchronizing our goals. Then setup for recording. For acoustic singer/songwriter songs it would be normal to have you sit in a chair with your guitar and we’d put a mic or two on your guitar and one on your vocal. We would record your performances for a couple of hours, then take a lunch break and come back to hit it again. By the end of the day hopefully we would have captured a solid take of each of your songs and created rough production mixes for us to share, critique and potentially plan for more production. Of course it all really depends on what you are hoping to get accomplished.

  • Can you make my douglas fir magically disappear?

I see what you did there.  Fun fact:  A common misconception about the great Harry Houdini is that he performed disappearing magic when actually he was known for death defying acts of escape!  Hey what the hell?!  We are a recording studio business you punk!


What does it sound like?

Samples and Clips  from all sorts of projects spanning the last 12 years of sound production.