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Way Too much info about dave

(Engineerus Extraordinarius)

I have always loved music and started recording my own epic songs as soon as my dad got a karaoke machine that had two tape decks.  I started my first band called "Head To Toe" with a buddy and my girlfriend.   Quickly I became frustrated by the degrading tape signal by ping ponging multi tracks on that machine.  My brother and I decided to buy a Tascam 4 track and started making music together.  It was amazing to be able to layer more things together with much less signal loss and also the signal routing allowed for hooking up an FX processor for delay and reverbs.  This began my obsession with living in Reverb Land.  I would hang out for hours in headphones with my friends/band mates with a live mic with tons of reverb and we would goof off and write music together.  We formed another band called NESS and this was around the dawn of the digital recorder like the Roland 880 an amazing 8 track that had automation.  My buddy bought one and I became obsessed with owning one myself as I had become frustrated by the limitations of my 4 track.  Are you still reading this?  Wow... that says a lot about you.   Anyway I was working at a company called Air Touch Cellular in the Customer Care department which is where I learned some incredibly useful social skills that helped me develop a passion for listening to someone who was very upset, calming them down and flipping their frown upside down.

Music as a Career

I got my start after going to the SCC Music Production Program.  Like most people I did this mostly to help me polish  my own productions. I loved school and got way into learning more intuitive technical processes and combined them with my unique (weird?) creative approach.  Opening. a recording studio seemed like it would be a ton of fun.   So we started one in the basement of a house my wife and I rented in Magnolia, Warshington.   We had a successful run for about 7 years and then decided we needed to try and take the studio to the next level.  We came up with a plan to buy a house and build a new recording studio in a detached garage (because it sounded easy hahahaha).  Well after trying for about 4 years our plans were finally denied by the city officials.  No dream comes true easily and quite honestly I am still chasing that dream to this day.  I AM going to reopen my new studio at the Old Rainier Brewery later this year (2020) and record a ton of artists and bands to keep the dream alive.

Gold star to you if you read all this junk.


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We do collaborate with competent Engineers who are freelancing with artists and bands.  Please Contact us if you are interested in renting the space for your own productions.  You can also hire an assistant for your session.